Our Philosophy

AWAKEN CURIOSITY TO ASK QUESTIONS AND FIND THE ANSWERS WITH THE GUIDANCE OF TEACHERS Inquisitiveness in the children should be encouraged; they should not be shackled with ready-made answers and solutions. They should be helped in developing their own question and their own views. The teacher is the one who arouses the dormant questioning in children and make children fearless and courageous enough to ask and find solutions on their own.
Teachers of our school are ready to share this responsibility.

OUR PHILOSOPHY REGARDING PARENTS SUPPORT The Lifting power of many a wings can achieve twice the distance than any bird flying alone. We earnestly request our parents for full co-operation to achieve our objectives as all this is possible only with the full support of our dear parents.

General Admission from class II onwards in the school will be on the basis of an interaction with the parents and the students. Admission to Pre-primary classes and class I, will be given on the basis of informal interaction and age group of the applicants.

Age Limit for Admission Nursery 30 months and above as on 1st July of the academic session
Prep-I 42 months and above as on 1st July of the academic session
Prep-II 54 months and above as on 1st July of the academic session

Bus Facility The school will provide bus facility on payment. School buses shall ply in the entire town and nearby area. However transport facility provided by the school is optional. Safety of the child shall be ensured.

Rules and Regulations All the students of our school will be required to abide by, the procedure of school rules, regulations and information. These rules and regulations will be amended from time to time and circulated to all the students. Amendments in the rules from time to time will be applicable to students on the current role of the school. We will do our best to deliver study program as declared in this prospectus. However there may be changes and we reserve the right to make changes to the contents.

Other Features

Teacher Student Ratio Keeping in line with the international standards the number of students in each class will be maintained at 40 to provide optimum learning environment for students. The Teacher Student ratio in the school would be 1:20. In order to achieve the optimum results maximum strength in the classes would be as under: Nursery 25 per class I to V 35 per class VI to VIII 40 per class

Teaching Fraternity We recruit highly competent teachers who are enthusiastic, talented. qualified as per the Govt. norms. Besides academic qualification, teachers with positive approach towards life and passion for education are appointed. All the staff is well qualified. talented and as per the Govt. norms.

Teacher Guardian To develop a life long relationship between a teacher, student and parents, every student of the school is provided with a teacher guardian. Teacher guardian acts as a mentor, guide for the student. They pay regular home visits to students to develop a life long relationship with parents and also discuss student's progress.

Staff Room A well equipped spacious staff room is provided to teachers to cater to their academic needs. Time will be provided to each teacher so as to complete non-teaching work and prepare her lesson plan within the school campus.

Paced Teaching Our faculty is trained to pace the teaching according to the abilities of individual students. Fast learners are provided opportunities to either deepen the subject knowledge and develop other talents. Similarly slow learners are provided with special classes in specific subjects. Our school five point program is supported by individual counselling by well qualified staff for faster growth of the students. Children facing learning difficulties will be our special endeavour on the campus.

Value Based Education Special attention has been accorded to create an environment in the school to develop positive character traits like honesty, respect, discipline, sympathy, among the students. Moral education is an integrated part of the school curriculum. Vast variety of curricular and co-curricular activities are organized to develop right social values in the students. A regular health program shall also be conducted in the school to form good healthy habits.

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